Pool Light Replacement

Swimming Pool Electrical

All pool electrical job:Pump,timer,salt system and all pool light wiring and installation.Above ground pool wiring and bonding.

If your pool lights go on the blink, you need the pool repair experts at Universal Electric. Services in Located conveniently in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, we serve Lehigh Valley and surrounding counties. You can contact us with any kind of residential electrical issues and we will be there to help.


Pool pumps-heaters-lights and timer panl installation


Low voltage (12 volts) Pool and SPA lights transformer and junction boxes PANEL

Your Content It is important to make sure that your pool areas have ground fault protection to protect guests from any electrical shock hazards. Before summer rolls around, now is the perfect time of year to inspect your swimming pools for possible hazards. Electrical safety is very important, especially around pools to ensure the safety of families and other guests. For added protection, of all new pool installations, the 2017 NEC National Electrical Code, article 680, has been amended.
All electrical outlets, light switches, and receptacles must be UL listed for safety assurance.
• Pool-related areas are deemed “corrosive environments,” because of the pool sanitation chemicals that are used and stored there. Due to the nature of the moist pool environment, all equipment must be UL listed to withstand these types of environments; which includes all grounding and bonding terminals, such as grounding conductor terminals and circulation pump motors.
• GFCI protection is required for ALL 15-amp, 20-amp, 125V, or single phase electrical outlets installed within 20 feet from a poolGFCI protection is required for ALL receptacles that supply power to the pool equipment, such as water heaters and pump motors.
• GFCI protection is required for ALL 120V to 240V single-phase pump motors
• GFCI Protection is required for ALL underwater lighting operating over the low-voltage contact limit.
• GFCI Protection is required for ALL light switches
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