Residential Electrical Repair and Upgrade Service

Outlet for TESLA charging
We are specialized in residential electrical repairs, service upgrade, pool wiring and more. We are here to help with your unexpected, unpleasant situations, and we are open for your emergency situations.

Located conveniently in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, we serve Lehigh Valley and surrounding counties. You can contact us with any kind of residential electrical issues and we will be there to help.

Let Experts Do Your Home Electric Repair
Seek the services of a qualified and licensed electrician for your home electric repairs. Repairing any electrical wiring or outlets can lead to dangerous consequences. Call Universal Electric for your electrical repair experts and ensure the complete safety of your home. We are experts in electrical work relating to your home. Our technicians are highly qualified and can repair electrical connections and help you in installing new outlets or electrical appliances.

Installing Electric Car Charging Station

With increased awareness of the environmental damage caused by burning fossil fuel, more people are opting for electric cars. New versions are also released by companies like Tesla. If you are planning to buy an electric car, you must install an electric charging station. Universal Electric is experts in installing electrical outlets for charging your car. We can check your electrical infrastructure and advise you about the best electric station for your car.

Getting Electrical Repairs Done At Home

We are also technically capable of installing various electrical appliances at your home. New wiring, switches or lights can be installed perfectly by our technicians. If you have purchased a new dryer, dishwasher, microwave or other appliances, just give us a call. Universal Electric will come and properly install them and ensure that they work without any problem. Our technicians will also check the capacity of your wiring to withstand the load if such electrical appliances.

Electricity is not something to be tampered by those who are not experts in it. That is why you must