Generator Installation

Generator Installation

We install all kinds of generator.Generator backup system installation & wiring
Imagine if your power just went out.Your refrigerator, heater-cooler will not work.
How bright will you be with a candle or flashlight?You need a generator.
This is exactly what we do.It’s our job to do this quickly and easily.
We suggest you install your generator before you need it.
If you contact us, we can recommend a suitable and adequate generator.

We as a company provide all kinds of electrical services within 45 miles of Allentown,Bethlehem,Easton.We do all the residential electrical work.

A Generator Can Keep You Powered All the Time

Our life is so dependent on electrical and electronic gadgets today that if even one of them doesn’t work, it can upset our schedule completely. Imagine the washing machine not working when you have a load of washing to do on Sunday which is the only day you get for this work. You can’t imagine life without a refrigerator or an electric cooker. But power isn’t something that you can always depend on. There are many occasions when there are power outages and you must be prepared for this. The best way is to have a standby generator at home and Universal Electric is here to help.

Choosing the Right Generator

Get the Installation Done Properly

When you install your generator, you must get it done in a way that there won’t be any problems later. You must choose the right location for your generator from where you can connect it to your house electrical system. It must also be in a place that doesn’t violate any rules. If you hand over the job to Universal Electric, we will ensure that all permits are obtained. We can install the generator anywhere in Easton, Allentown, and Bethlehem. Our technicians will ensure the proper installation of the generator. You won’t have to grope in the dark when the power fails the next time.